Tube heater

Innovative and Economical

The core of the Schwank infrared radiant tube heater is the innovative "Whisper-Jet" burner. It is the result of permanent technical advancement and long standing experience. Schwank offers its burner systems with positive pressure fans. This allows Schwank burners to create a very long laminar flame which reaches very far into the tube. This leads to a more uniform transfer of heat which has an immediate positive effect on the energy efficiency of the overall system. The tube is heated up to 650°C and generates comfortable radiant heat. A further advantage of the burner's pressure fan lies in the fact that it is not exposed to the hot flue gases and therefore has a much better longevity over conventional tube heater fans.


We provide tube heaters in 4 energy-efficiency classes:


  • superTube, our Premium Plus appliance
  • calorSchwank, our Premium Model
  • infraSchwank, setting the Industrial Standard
  • novoSchwank, our Entry Model


Advantages of Schwank infrared radiant tube heaters


  • Exceptionally high economic efficiencyt
  • Uniform and comfortable heat distribution
  • Short warm-up times
  • Long-life cycle and high comfort 
  • No dust swirls or draughty air 
  • Quality "Made in Germany" 

superTube [premium plus]

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calorSchwank [premium]

infraSchwank [standard]

novoSchwank [basic]