The most powerful model by Schwank

supraSchwank belongs to the most efficient models among infrared heaters and excels at first-class energy efficiency [offering the highest radiant factor measured by Schwank worldwide]. Next to selecting materials optimised for this application, this is realised by the heater's delta mixing chamber for preheating the gas-air-mixture, its high-temperature refractory mesh in front of the ceramic tiles as well as the special full insulation of the complete housing which has been developed for aerospace applications. In this way, heat losses [also called convection losses] and heat energy loss to the ceiling are minimised. The heat is precisely transferred to where it is needed - to the working level.


Significant Product Advantages:


  • High radiant factor of 80.9%* and therefore extraordinary high efficiency 
  • Available as single stage, 2-stage or fully modulating versions
  • High grade ceramic full insulation / minimisation of the convection losses
  • Patented delta mixing chamber 
  • Combined high- and low-intensity infrared energy for a high radiant factor 
  • High-temperature stainless steel refractory mesh 
  • Schwank ceramic "honeycomb effect" tiles [ceraSchwank]  
  • Even and comfortable heat distribution
  • Short warm-up times 
  • Long-life cycle and high comfort 
  • No dust swirls or draughty air 
  • Quick and easy assembly 
  • Quality "Made in Germany" 


* Radiant factor of supraSchwank 30 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 419-2


supraSchwank is available as single stage, 2-stage or a fully modulating system. Modulation guarantees optimum heat adaptation to your actual requirements while increasing the comfort. Furthermore, savings of up to 8% with 2-stage control and even up to 15% through modulation can be realised as compared to single stage control [on/off only]. The Return on Investment [ROI] is fast. 

supraSchwank won the Industry Award 2008 thanks to its high efficiency and level of innovation for the category “energy”.