Luminous heater

Innovative, economic, fast and quiet

The core of the luminous [high-intensity / plaque] infrared heater is the unique ceramic tile invented by our founder, Günther Schwank. The infrared energy is generated from a gas-air-mixture through clean combustion at 3,600 openings per tile. The ceramic tile surface will thereby be heated up to 950°C, glowing "brightly" and releasing infrared radiation. Reflectors deflect and direct the radiation downwards to the occupancy level heating it up to the desired comfort temperature.


Schwank luminous infrared heaters are used for heating industrial factories, warehouses and distribution centres, workshops and service garages, aviation hangars, sports facilities as well as churches. Furthermore, special models for heating outdoor patios and football stadiums are available.


Schwank has developed luminous heaters in 3 energy-efficiency classes:


  • supraSchwank, our Premium Model
  • primoSchwank, setting the Industrial Standard  
  • ecoSchwank, the Entry Model 


Advantages of Schwank luminous infrared heaters


  • Exceptionally high energy efficiency and economy, low CO2 and NOx
  • Uniform and comfortable radiant heat 
  • Very short warm-up times 
  • Long-life cycle and high comfort
  • Heating of partial areas and at differentiated temperatures possible
  • No dust swirls or draughty air 
  • Virtually noiseless 
  • Simple and space-saving installation 
  • Quality ”Made in Germany“ 

supraSchwank [premium]

primoSchwank [standard]

ecoSchwank [basic]