Stadium heating

Both in the Champions League or lower leagues – Schwank stadium heaters are much appreciated

Spectators, particularly VIP’s, expect a high level of comfort during their stadium visit. Schwank stadium heaters provide a real advantage from which spectators, as well as stadium operators, can largely benefit. For operating expenses of only approx. € 0.03 [£ 0.03] per spectator, per game you can heat your stadium grandstand with a modern and highly efficient gas-infrared system. These are expenses that will be offset by a boost of image and comfort.


The applied heating principle is to be compared with the principle of the sun. The electromagnetic waves of the infrared radiation penetrate the air and are warming up surfaces and people. As a consequence, a temperature difference can be reached of 10 K [10 º C] due to the infrared radiation.


Our experience varies from the heating of specific zones or VIP sections up to complete stadium heating. Real Madrid, Chelsea FC, AZ Alkmaar, Fenerbahçe Istanbul and Feyenoord Rotterdam are a few amongst many, including smaller clubs, of the customers who have been convinced about the advantages of Schwank stadia heating systems.


Possible areas of application include:


  • Football, soccer, rugby and cricket stadiums
  • Indoor soccer arenas
  • Ice hockey arenas
  • Multipurpose sports facilities 
  • Tennis or squash courts 
  • Gymnasiums
  • Golf driving ranges 
  • Go-cart arenas